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Rozabee is a practice that looks at the beauty and strength that comes from both the being and the doing. The obvious way of categorizing the two would be to place the rose under ‘being’ and the bee under ‘doing’. However, things are not that simple; beautiful creations & possibilities emerge from the paradoxes inherent in life’s relationships.


This notion is sweetly illustrated here:

"Go to your fields & your gardens, and you shall learn that it is
the pleasure of the bee to gather honey of the flower,
But it is also the pleasure of the flower to yield its honey to the bee.
For to the bee a flower is a fountain of life,
And to the flower a bee is a messenger of love,
And to both, bee and flower, the giving and the receiving of pleasure is a need and an ecstasy".
– Khalil Gibran The Prophet (1923)



Roza is derived from ‘Rozana’ and Bee is from ‘Banawi’. It was a nickname given to me by a colleague, Dahlia Baeshen, at Ingeus in 2011 and I felt it not only represented me as a person but the vision I have for my life’s’ work – which is to enhance the act of living. This means that I don’t believe in just living the length of life but the depths well.

The true purpose of Rozabee is to delve into each individual life and find its’ true potential through exploration and self reflection and then strive to reach it by adopting the proper tools and skills. Much like a bee sucks the nourishing and rejuvenating nectar out of a flower, extracting the good juice out of life and using it to help fulfil and make your life bloom is what Rozabee is all about!


Work & Collaborations

Rozana Albanawi is an advisor, trainer and an organisational leadership coach.

She is transforming personal lives and organisations by aligning them with their true purpose, values and vision which naturally inspires authenticity, growth, trust and transparency. Along with an academic background in education and human relations from the UK, she is a pioneer Saudi woman ACC (Associate Certified Coach by ICF) & a CPCC (Certified Professional CoActive Coach). She has proudly aced, the 10 month, CTI leader-training program. She’s on the process to become a candidate for CDWF (Certified Daring Way Facilitator).

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In her role as coach & trainer, she has worked with the following organizations:

Adult Child Therapy

Adult and Child Therapy Center is a multidisciplinary mental health care private practice that offers a multitude of therapeutic services to the communities of the western province of Saudi Arabia.

Effat University

Effat University is among a few select universities that offer a bi-dimensional psychology degree that is research and community-work based. The Psychology Department at Effat University stands out as a beacon for students seeking an alternative to traditional psychology.


SEDCO, the Saudi Economic and Development Company, is a leading Shariah-compliant organization, responsible for a diverse spectrum of operating companies, real estate, and private and public equity holdings in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

Baby Itra

Baby Itra offers unique kids’ gifts, accessories and more.

Takamol Holding

 Takamol Holding is a government corporation operating under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labor. They contribute to transforming the Saudi labor market by launching sustainable projects and activating partnerships between the public and private sector.

Haya Design

The Graphic Design & Arabic Typography Studio. Haya Design Studio presents timeless outcomes which are part of their visual culture.

Shababuna Documentary

Shababuna is a non-profit consultancy firm aimed at achieving social impact through its clients, grassroots initiatives and awareness programs.


Cella “The Saudi Professional Women’s Network” is a non-profit initiative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that targets professional women’s empowerment and support to each other through a mix of services, activities and professional programs that target the working women.

Jisr Partners

JISR is a holding company seeking to invest in innovative growth stage companies, led by high impact entrepreneurs in MENA and globally who provide cutting edge digital solutions that also contribute to positive social impact.

Doroob SA

Doroob is a major national initiative that specializes in catering to the needs of jobseekers or anyone eager to develop his/her professional skills towards more advanced levels. 

Proctor & Gamble

P&G is a place where every employee can learn and grow through experiences, feedback and engaging in the right training, at the right time.

Future Experts Group

Future Experts focuses on fast growth in energy projects requirements, all the while providing the best service and quality products.


Success Partners

Rozabee believes in co-leadership and working with others to create an impact in the community. Success partners work together to achieve this mutual cause.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

The Other Story

The Other Story

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

The Other Story

The Other Story



Mentor Coach

Topics included: leadership, solopreneurship, & personal growth and development.

Group Leader

Topics included: leadership skills, human-relations development, group dynamics, conflict-resolution & education leadership.

Teacher / Trainer

Topics included: creative process, emotional well-being, self in relationships, humanistic education, and experiential learning.


I refer to local trusted professionals in diverse human relation areas such as psychotherapy, specialised coaching services, psycho-educational consultancy, and more. I also refer to local job agencies such as job placement centers, mentoring services, & career development organisations.


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Latest & Upcoming

Creative Mornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. Rozabee brings the Jeddah chapter of Creative Mornings to you. For more information, see here.

In collaboration with The Lighthouse, Rozabee has started a monthly book club.


Rozabee’s Experiences


Client Testimonials

  • Working with Rozana always makes me feel centered & focused! Everything falls into place the week we start working! C​oaching with ​Rozabee taught me to believe in myself more, believe in the potential​s​ that I have – to be a more confident & better person, because I know my strengths & growth potentials from our sessions. Working on myself with Rozabee is a true pleasure!

    Nasiba Hafiz – Fashion Designer /Founder
  • The session was a short journey of deep self-discovery. It put things into perspective for me in that particular so-called phase of life I was experiencing. Being of what’s going on inside & out helped me understand myself & needs and how to handle both. With god’s help then Rozana’s guidance, it all became clear to me.

    Esraa Nazer
  • When therapy didn’t work for me, I thought nothing else would. I thought no one could help me. Not a therapist, not my mom, not any friend. I honestly never knew what coaching is. And I never thought it would help this much. But it was so enlightening, inspiring, & motivating. And you have this thing that makes me feel your words deeper than anybody else. You never wanted to analyse me, but instead you helped me reflect on how to take back control in my life and how to deal with my fears & anxiety. I just cannot thank you enough.

    S. A. – Anonymous
  • Rozana is an authentic & determined coach. Rozabee coached me for 3 months and I saw the smooth improvement in me after each session and practice. The variety of ways that you can learn to improve your life is astonishing & Rozabee did deliver those directions with her outstanding methods & authentic listening. Thank you Rozana.

    Eyad Mashat – CEO
  • From the first meeting with Rozana we could feel her energy  fill the room and looked forward to the same enthusiasm with the group of young women she would be training. She advised, challenged, provoked & guided the young ladies as they explored the meaning of leadership. We felt the impact of the training during the last session, where the young ladies were extremely engaged & passionate in their reflections on what they had learned. After the session Rozana  made herself available to the participants and has been constantly proactive in providing supplemental and support materials following the end of the session. All in all a very pleasant experience. Thank you.

    Danya AlHamrani – Director/Co-Founder
  • The Art Jameel Art Olympics needed a professional trainer to conduct a 5-day-training session to 50 art teachers, Rozana was fit to give this role with her experience in human relations & coaching. Rozana made an excellent impact on the trainers as she involved them with life story experiences to have them understand what it is we are trying to reach & explain. She made the session fun & enjoyable, she had also managed to engage the trainers to interact with each other to talk about their experience & knowledge about arts. Rozana is a role model that added more value in the training session as well as delivered more than expected.

    Zain S. Zedan – Art Jameel Manager
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